Monday, October 27, 2008

Raiding my mother’s closet: purple leather vest edition.

As Calvin Harris just loves to sing: “It was Acceptable in the 80’s.” So too was this lovely vest. A couple years ago I thought it was one of the ugliest things known to man. But now that I have discovered it once again in my mother's closet, I am just looking for an occasion to steal it and wear it out of the house.
Everyone said that the 80’s would never be back, eat your words naysayers, this trend is currently in its prime. My greatest fear is that the next trend will be the 90s (my actual most despised era of fashion/clothes. But I will probably be eating my words too in a few months when this trend hits too).

Think I gots the hipster 80’s attitude down in these photos?

Have you found any hideous/ gorgeous fashion finds from you mother’s/ father’s/ grandparents/ siblings closets?

But who will ride the Dinosaur?

What is the favourite holiday for two girls who love to dress up??? HALLOWEEN!!! It should really be a month long affair of dressing in something different every day/ weekend.

As Rusty will be away for Halloween (in New York!) It was imperative that we see each other beforehand and of course have some sort of costume collaboration. Rusty had already started making her dinosaur costume. Hence dinosaur rider was born!

I didn't think I was going to our favorite Winestock's party, so I had to last minute scrounge up something! Thanks to my mother's gaudy brooch, an old swimsuit and a couple of things I found here and there in my always messy room, this is what I came up with. A dinosaur rider? A circus slut? Who cares, I looked good!

What are your Halloween costume ideas?

Wong Ling Ling likes: Free Swag

The best kind of things can be free, can't they? This is me procrastinating from studying for my Modernism midterm, but oh well! I got mah shoesies from my g-ma, my jade pendant from my mama, my hooters tank top* from Rusty's garbage, my high-rise Cheap Mondays from this store I used to work at in Kensington (CPUB) and my hat from Urban Outfitters (where I work now). So overall, discount city.

Do you like Free Swag (duh)? What's the coolest, neatest, strangest free goodie you've put your hands on lately?

Even if SWAG stands for STUFF WE ALL GET (I learned this a couple of days ago), I can pretend it works in this context. Now back to studying!

*note: that same day that I wore that tanktop, some creep shouted at me "Where are the Hooters?" on Queen street. Fuck you asshole, I like having small titties.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wong Ling Ling likes: Sunday Mornings

Oh! If only we could play dress up every Sunday morning....

I know, I know, this photoshoot was a bit scandal, but it gives ya some ideas for Halloween?

Friday, October 24, 2008

The most Priceless/Beautiful Thing I’ll ever own

A couple weeks ago I came home and my mother greeted me with an excited glint in her eye. “Have I got something for you!” She said to me. She took me back to the kitchen, where she quickly produced this gorgeous beaded Mexican top. I could not believe my luck— How on earth could I be in possession of such a lovely thing? Turns out that one of her clients was cleaning out her closet, and asked my mum if she wanted a few things. My mum almost said no! Thankfully she didn’t or I would never have been able to make an acquaintance with this beaded wonder. It’s so lovely I’m afraid to wear it outdoors.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Ol’ Switcheroo

You know that ugly sweater that you bought months ago, but just can’t stand throwing out because it was
so damn expensive? Well lucky for you, clothing swapping is becoming the hip new hobby for compulsive shoppers like yourself. Long popular in Montreal, clothes swapping parties are when strangers (and friends) get together and trade pre-loved goodies. It’s a two-in-one: shopping (for FREE) and getting rid of all your junk! (Though there is a small charge, it is only to cover the venue rental costs.)

This weekend is the second edition of “Swap— Don’t Shop.” At the last one in August, we interviewed the gal who puts it all together.

“I really wanted to go to a clothing swap this summer and I just couldn’t find that many, so I decided to start my own,” says Hope Sinclair, about her clothing swap parties. Toronto Street Fashion and Mercer Union have also thrown clothing swap parties in our lovely city, but there was just no regularity until now, with Hope’s plan for bi-monthly swaps. Working for Dress Your Best in the past, she aims to help the community in a stylish manner, by donating all leftover clothing to charities (the last event’s went to Oasis Clothing Bank).

With snackies available and oodles of funky pieces to dig through, we were amazed at how well-organized and beautifully arranged everything was. From aquamarine ultra-suede trench-coats to chunky metal bangles, items were organized categorically on individual tables. It truly felt like I was stealing from a store! Make sure you get early though, cause those neatly folded piles quickly get sifted through and messy!

Saturday, October 25, 2008
11:00am - 2:00pm
St. Stephens-in-the-Fields Church
103 Bellevue (at College, between Bathurst and Augusta)

Hope to see you there!

Frump to Fabulous: Romper Edition

I got this fabulous number just over a month and a half ago at the back-to-school, half-off Value Village sale. I was scoffed at for purchasing it but I knew that it was simply a gem in the making. By completely restructuring this unique piece I transformed it into one of my favourite things to wear. Thank you once again to VV Boutique!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Greta Constantine

The other night I went to the Greta Constantine Fashion Show. Greta constantine is a collaborative designer and stylsit duo. They are up and coming in Toronto, and have recently been featured in Vogue and Elle Magazine. These clothes are not necessarily something I would be inclined to wear, as I hate to leave the house not sporting a pattern or two (or three), but I respect them all the same. The thing that I like about their garments is that they use very simple jersey fabric, and are able to create very interesting shapes and construction. It makes for simple, yet elegant pieces.

This dress is my favourite of the bunch, of course it is the worst picture that I took.

Do you have a favourite??

(p.s. sorry for all the heads in the shots. I was standing in the back row.)

Monday, October 13, 2008


Hey I know, I know this is a fashion blog and this has nothing to do with fashion, but this is my newest art project. I don't know what I think about it, but I was supposed to "subvert the norm", so this is what I came up with.

also sorry it's horrible quality, i don't have a real video camera.
-Wong Ling Ling

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Extended summer Thanksgiving

These pictures are a re-post from our old blog location. I felt it was appropriate for the lovely extended summer weather we are having. Yet it still has that fall type feel of harvest, farm, leaves etc. Very excited for my favourite season! Prettiest colours on the trees, best foods in my tummy (squash, yams, pumpkin pie) and the perfect weather for lots of layers, cozy sweaters, tights and silky scarves. All with the sun still stickin around! Sadly it seems always to be the shortest season, followed abruptly by winter.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rusty likes: Japanese Fashion!

This past summer I spent a month living in Tokyo. During that month I had quite the exposure to the Japanese fashion lifestyle. It felt like everyday without any intention to do so, I would end up in some sort of store and mainly it was for clothes. Two Tokyo labels that really caught my eye were: Ne-net and Merci Beaucoup. They both have some really outrageous looking clothes, and really interesting shapes. SO if you ever happen to be moseying around the streets of Tokyo with nothing to do (impossible) then try checking them out. Here are a few samples from their most recent collection.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just Chain Me Up

Chains. Not just for round your neck.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Frump to Fabulous (granny flood pants edition)

We found these hideous granny flood pants at a local clothing swap, but we knew deep down, with a few minor adjustments, they would be a fabulous new addition to WongLingLing's wardrobe. With just a simple hem, she went from drowning to darling!

Jump for Joy! Jumpers are Back!

If any of you were forced into those scratchy old jumpers during your catholic middle school days, I think you'd understand my bittersweet take on this new fashion phenomenon. While academia is quickly slipping into every girl's wardrobe (thanks to shows like Gossip Girl- which doesn't do the book justice by the way), it is hard not to have a staple like a jolly jumper!!

I like jumpers in plaid, I like jumpers with cutouts, I like jumpers my mother made in home EC class. How do you like your jumpers? Short and cute? Long and matronly? (Though I don't think that would count as a jumper anymore.....)

- WongLingLing!